"Geri Gates New Strap Is A Unique Tool For Both Muscle Strengthening and Health Enhancement", Dr. Benson, UCLA


"Finally, A Top Quality Strap To Help You Stretch For Great Health!"


The Stretch-It-Out-StrapTM can help you get a deep therapeutic stretch ...


Dear Friend,

Do you suffer with health problems or just want to be healthier? Geri Gates, pictured at the left, is a Certified Fitness Trainer, specialist in fitness for older adults. She has worked with many well-known Doctors and has specialized in helping older clients regain mobility and strength.  

She saw a gap in safe devices to help people stretch without putting any strain on their backs. Geri created these special straps and they have been well received in both the medical community and with her clients.

Geri Gates' Stretch-it-out Strap was designed and motivated through need and by pure inspiration.It was a creative thought process in which she combined strong materials that she knew would embrace and help the body get the best, deep, and guided stretch.


This unique Strap is constructed with lightly weighted and stretchy materials. Perfectly combined to aid in all movements.  Physical Therapy and concise Fitness Exercises can be successfully, and safely performed.

Now she is expanding out to offer these unique straps to the world, and you!

Stretching is one of the best ways to keep your body limber. Along with a good diet, rest, and exercise, stretching should be included in everyone's daily routine. These Fit-To-Stretch-Straps can help anyone get a better stretch.

This is What They Say...

"The fit strap is a must for anyone who wants to keep flexible and mobile. Over the life span, the hips, legs and shoulders often loose range of motion, leading to pack pain and other problems of the muscles and joints. Over time, if not prevented by regular stretching, walking becomes slower and more difficult, and muscle and tendon injuries become more common.

To keep you muscles and joins resilient and pain free for life, just exercise regularly and always stretch with the fit strap/Stretch-It-Out Strap as part of your regular routine. I do!"

Lisa V. Rubenstein, M.D., M.S.P.H., F.A.C.P.
Professor of Medicine UCLA
Medical Research, The Rand Corporation

Why These Straps Are Unique

  • Stronger - Regular stretch straps only last for around 6 months and break. These have lastest for over 13 years and still going strong. They are much stronger.
  • More Comfortable - The material used is more comfortable that other straps in the marketplace. They do not tear or break.
  • Multi-Useful - Can be used for stretching and also as a compression band for knee, elbow, quadriceps, etc.
  • Easily Stored - Easy to store in a purse or gym bag.
  • Machine Washable - Unlike cheaper straps, these are machine washable.
  • Made in USA - Most straps are from China. These are handmade in the US.

See The Straps in Use ...

Young and old can use these straps and be safely, and completely stretched. Emily Rae, age 22, is a college student, kickboxer, and works as a creative fashion blogger. The Strap helps her fully stretch her whole body after her Kickboxing workouts

Choey is a famous designer to well known celebs and uses the strap regularly. She is an active senior citizen now . All ages can  benefit from using these Straps. They enable the user to have a deep therapeutic stretch.

Part of a Training Video ...

Part of a Sitting Training Video ...

Hiroko is one of our good friends. She is demonstrating how to use the strap when sitting.

Introducing ...

The Stretch-It-Out-StrapTM

Holiday Sale - $35

  • Easy To Use - The exercises are simple to learn and to do.
  • Safe To Use - The strap and exercises can be laying down without putting pressure on your back.
  • Good For All Ages - These exercises can even be done by those who are bed-ridden!
  • Highest Quality - The straps are made of very durable material and will last for years.
  • Training Materials - Includes a PDF guide and access to an 8-minute video routine.
  • Made in USA - The Stretch-it-out Strap is lovingly handcrafted by trained artisans. These are not mass produced!

This is What They Say...

"Great ideas come in simple forms. It's about time somebody improved the stretching strap concept and brought it into the 21st century. This piece is a winner for anyone from the high performance athlete to the geriatric patient. Stretch-It-Out-Strap will improve mobility and function."

Karl Llist, Exercise Physiologist
Mr. Ironman Natural

Relief after Years Of Back Pain...

"After sustaining a back injury that significantly altered my physically active lifestyle, I embarked upon a long and unsuccessful journey to healing. From the west to the east I traveled...from neurosurgeons, chiropractors to acupuncture, herbs, carniosacral's magic; each offered hope, but none supplied relief from the debilitating pain.

And then I met Geri Gates. Through her exhaustively investigated understanding of physiology, nutrition and exercise, she guided me down the road to self-healing.

Armed with her ingenious Stretch-it-Out-Strap, I was able to strengthen my body to support the injury and allow it to heal. I became pain free, stopped pain medication, pain management therapy, and I have been able to resume the lifestyle I had prior to the injury.

I take my strap everywhere, and when life's stresses threaten, I lay down and stretch this strengthening strap until I  feel realigned, reconnected, and empowered to carry on."

Celeste Tubman, B.S.R.N.
Film Editor/Mother of Two

Stretch-It-Out-Strap Includes Training Video & Exercise PDF

The stretch strap includes a PDF with 11 easy to follow exercises you can do. PLUS, access to a training video that guides you through an 8 minute stretching routine. Now on Sale. HOLIDAY SALE $35. You can choose the color in the shopping cart. The Stretch-It-Out Strap is also available on Amazon.

Holiday Sale - $35

I've know Geri Gates for years and am happy to recommend her unique stretching strap. Click here to purchase on Amazon.



New Circle Strap

Here our good friend Hiroko is demonstrating how to use Geri's new strap... the Circle Strap. It's made out of the same comfortable and durable materials as the Stretch-It-Out-Strap but extends the repetoire of stretching and strengthing exercises.

Currently. the Circle Strap now available in four colors. It's a beautiful color! They are on sale for just $27.00.  These durable straps will last for many years, probably a lifetime.

Specific your option inside the shopping cart. The options are:

  • Green - Regular Resistance Strength (3.25" wide) - $27
  • Navy Blue - Medium Strong Resistance (3.25" wide) - $27

Holiday Sale - $27

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