How To Make Almond Milk with a Soyabella

I tend to collect fun kitchen equipment and one of the ones I used the most is called a Soyabella. We use it to make Almond Milk. Most Almond Milk contains an ingredient called 'carrageenan'. Some people say this is linked to cancer, so when you make your own Almond Milk, you can know what you're putting into it.

On WebMD, they say there are two kinds of carrageenan. One is safe, but the chemically altered one is linked to cancer. I like to buy nuts in bulk, so making nut milk is very quick and since it's gone in a few days, there is no need to add any chemicals to preserve it longer.

 Here's a quick video to show you how easy it is to make nut milk in the Soyabella. It's ready in just a couple of minutes and is easy to clean, too!

Besides nut milk, it also makes soy milk, tofu, and it is a quick way to have fresh soups ready in 15 minutes. Here are the simple steps from the video:


1, Add filtered water to the Soyabella (Shown in video)

2. Add 1/4 cup of Almonds and a pitted Date to the ‘milk’ screen (You can also use half a Vanilla Bean Pod instead.)

3. Press the ‘Mill’ button 3 or 4 times

4. Pour and enjoy!

We keep the leftover almond pulp for smoothies or to put on top of oatmeal.

Here’s a link to purchase one from Amazon – Soyabella Machine

We used this machine for homemade nut milk and soymilk for several years. It's still the best machine to use for making Soymilk, but a new machine came out recently called the 'Nutramilk'. We use this now for making all our milks, except soymilk.