Plant-Based Diet Testimony

I met Venus and her husband William at the Healthy Life Expo. I was so impressed the results she got by changing to a plant-based diet that I wanted to share them to inspire you, too

Venus had glaucoma for 10 years and cataracts for 2 years before starting a plant-based diet. Within just 3 months her eyes no longer had glaucoma or cataracts. Can you imagine how happy she was to avoid eye surgery? Her eye Doctor had actually scheduled the surgery, but she was able to reverse these diseases by changing to a plant-based diet.

She also mentioned to me that she practices gratitude. Our mental attitude plays a huge part in how our bodies can heal themselves.

The first part of the video is about the results with her eyes, but it didn't stop there! In addition to her eyes healing, her high cholesterol normalized. In the video, she shared that her cholesterol had been extremely high all her life. At the event, she was delighted to see her cholesterol had dropped to a normal level, 186, without drugs.

The A1C is a way to test the sugar level in your blood. Venus, before her plant-based diet, had an A1C of 18. That number is dangerously high. After the diet, her A1C registered as a healthy 6.2!

Venus was able to drop almost all of her medications. Plus, she no longer was susceptible to fevers and the many visit to the ER, Emergency.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed hearing wonderful speakers like Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. John McDougall, and others.

One of my favorite speakers was Dr. McDougall. He told us about a Doctor that inspired him. In particular, Dr. Denis Burkitt (1911-1993) was a surgeon in Uganda for 17 years. He observed that they did not get many of the common diseases that we see in America, like cancer, diabetes, constipation, and more. All these diseases were not seen at all in the communities.

His nickname became 'The Fiber Man'. He discovered that their diet in Uganda contained about 100 grams of fiber a day. In the US, most get around 15 grams a day. Dr. Burkitt suggests eating much more starch, cutting down fat, cutting down salt and sugar, and eating meat rarely, if at all.

In Uganda, the diet was centered around more plants and starches. I'm also certain that the many chemicals we add to food here in the US also contribute to many of our diseases.

If you know anyone with any of these ailments, changing to a plant-based diet may help them too. Of course, if you are on medications, it's always best to work with a good Doctor to safely wean off the medications.