Benefits of Napping

Yes, naps are a very good thing! Keri Glassman covers some of the stats on naps in this 1-minute video. An ideal time is around 26 minutes, and it not only boosts your productivity but also has other benefits. I LOVE taking naps in the afternoon.

In some cultures, naps are much longer and called siestas. They are part of every day. For example, in Spain, they have a 2 or 3-hour siesta in the afternoon, then stay up later at night. Everything closes during the 'siesta' time.

Nap Benefits:

  1. A nap of just 26 minutes can boost your performance by 34%!
  2. Even a short nap can reduce stress, improve memory, and reduce the risk of a heart attack.
  3. Naps can aid in weight loss.

Napping Helps Your Memory

Studies have shown that sleep plays an important role in storing memories. A nap can help you remember things learned earlier in the day as much as a full night’s sleep. Napping works to keep you from forgetting things like motor skills, sense perception, and verbal recall, too. (From - WebMD)

Don't Nap Too Long

A nap as short as 10 minutes can be beneficial, but keep your nap to 30 minutes or less so you don’t wake up feeling more tired. That grogginess you can feel after a nap is called sleep inertia. The longer you nap, the more likely you are to have that feeling. The worse it is, the more time you’ll need to wake up and transition back to work. (From - WebMD)

I have found when I nap too long, I don't sleep well that night. Naps around 20 - 30 minutes work best. Happy Napping!! 💤