SOQI Ceramic Heater

The SoQi Ceramic Heater is a Far-Infrared machine. This machine increased circulation, expands capillaries, and helps your cells to regenerate.

The vibrational energy of far-infrared light is unlike that of heat energy. For example, in cooking, think of it as the difference between leaning over a pot of boiling water and standing outside in the sunlight. Steam from boiling water can heat the skin but it doesn’t heat the internal organs. Yet, sunlight heats us in a profound way because it contains penetrating far-infrared rays, as well as the full range of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.

This machine was also called a Hot House or FIR Dome. Jeff, in the video below, describes some of the benefits he has witnessed of people using the machine.

Here is another video from the company...

Many of my friends have benefited with this machine.