The Tea That Lowers Blood Pressure

A study came out a few years ago by the Premier Collaborative Research Group. Did you know that 9 out f 10 Americans are predicted to develop hypertension? This study took 800 men and women with high blood pressure and but them into 3 groups. One group added a cup of hibiscus tea with every meal and achieved a significantly lower blood pressure rate!

In fact, 2 cups of strong hibiscus tea, using 5 tea bags in a cup, was as effective at lowering blood pressure as 25m of the drug Captopril taken twice a day! In other words, this tea is just as good as drugs but without the drug side effects.

Watch this video to learn more about the study and other tips for lowering your blood pressure even more.

Hibiscus tea is so easy to make! I've just put it in a large glass container with cold water. When you let it steep overnight. In the morning, the water is a bright red.