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Voxxlife Neuro Socks & Insoles - Do They Work?

How It Works

Voxxlife uses tactile patterns...

The tactile pattern is called Voxx Human Performance Technology or HPT. This pattern triggers a neural response to your brain. This helps you experience better balance, mobility, and better pain management.

The Voxx HPT technology is based on 45 years of research in Neuromuscular Science.

Demonstration of VoxxLife Technology

The short video below shows what happens a chiropractor demonstrating what happens with the Voxx Life technology. 

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Independent Testing & Validation

1. California Sports Institute - 50 subjects in a double blind study. (A leading testing authority for elite athletes.)

2. LiUNA - Study conducted on 69 members validated with SWAY Medical Software. (A Leading organized labor union.)

3. The GOLF Lab - double blind study with 72 golfers for distance and accuracy the improvements with Voxx HPT. (Leading Golf Company.)

4. A 1000 study through 3rd party rehab clinics tested Voxx HPT efficacy on foot pain and energy levels.

Amazing Results

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Why It Works and More Amazing Results

In this video, the founder talks about various discoveries in nuero-technology and why VoxxLife HTP is safer than previous products that require electricity to work. Also included is another wonderful example of what can happen to people who use it.

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Hairdresser's Testimony

My hairdresser, Natalie, is very happy with the socks and insoles. She found that her feet didn't get tired and when they do, it's because she forgot to wear the VoxxLife technology. I'll let her tell you in her own words.

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